Believe in Ballinrobe

Believe in Ballinrobe is a movement which aims to improve and enhance the town for the benefit of everyone, through volunteering, advocacy and supporting community initiatives.

What is it?

Believe in Ballinrobe or #BelieveInBallinrobe, is not a physical entity, it does not have a committee, chairperson, or secretary. It is a mindset: believing in all that Ballinrobe has to offer already, and working on how to harness that to help realise its full potential.

#BelieveInBallinrobe pairs people's passions and skill sets to community initiatives and organisations in order to create beneficial projects and events to enhance the overall liveability and tourism draw of the area.

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How Can I help?

Community Groups & Clubs

Ballinrobe boasts a myriad of clubs, societies and organisations, each full of incredibly passionate people. From cycling to fishing, singing and art, and everything in between, Ballinrobe is spoiled for choice when it comes to hobbies and activities. But, what if we made sure that these groups and clubs were easier to find and what if we made sure they were better supported, meaning they could run more events for everyone to enjoy?
Believe in Ballinrobe aims to support these groups, by reaching out and providing volunteers, helping to promote events, and ensuring that the community knows about what it is they offer. 

Tourism & Events

What Believe in Ballinrobe aims to do is to create a collective partnership between all of the community stakeholders in order to promote what the town, and wider area already has.
Nestled between Loughs Mask, Corrib and Carra, boasting an award-winning racecourse and championship golf course, Ballinrobe is in an enviable position in terms of attracting tourism, and holding events.
The aim is to market Ballinrobe’s many unique features and create a year-round calendar of events that is easily accessible for tourists and locals alike, and to show just how great our town really is.
For this, we need your input, the people who know the town best. Why not get involved, share your ideas, or provide some feedback on what is already being done.

We need your help

Whether you have 30 minutes per week, or month, are expert when it comes to graphic design, or you can don a hi-vis vest at an event, every little way each person gets involved can change the town for the better. 
What are you waiting for? Get involved in this movement, make new friends in the process, and create a Ballinrobe we can all be proud of. 

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